La luce del Guercino risplende in centro a Bologna



IIn the heart of Bologna, in the shadow of the Two Towers, in a building of the 15th century, the Talon – Sampieri family has kept a unique and majestic masterpiece for centuries.
It is the fresco “Hercules and Antaeus” created by the famous artist Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino, in 1631.

As a lover of art, René Talon Sampieri, a descendant of one of the oldest aristocratic families in the world, decided to share the thrill of the vision of this unique work of art with other fans by founding the Guercino’s Friends Association


The aim of the Association is to promote the knowledge of Guercino and his works through a unique experience of vision, study and popularization of the fresco, precious evidence of the versatility of an artist who has greatly influenced the pictorial production of the 17th century with his original touch.

The Guercino’s Friends Association offers to all members the unique opportunity to contemplate the work in an exclusive context of conviviality and elegance. Greeted with an aperitif and a lunch with the hosts, the members will then sit in small groups in the room and be lost in the majesty of the fresco, accompanied by a full explanation that will allow them to enjoy the vision completely.

Through the membership to the Guercino’s Friends Association it will be possible to enjoy a work so far concealed from the eyes of lovers of art, which, thanks to the initiative of President René Talon Sampieri, will finally be unveiled to the world.



Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino, is considered one of the most representative artists of the mature phase of Baroque. His technical ability and his originality of touch had considerable influence on the evolution of the decorations in the 17th century. (Source:
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The Association

The Guercino’s Friends Association intends to help, consolidate and promote the growth of the study and knowledge of the works of Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, called Guercino, and particularly the fresco “Hercules and Antaeus”, located in the Talon – Sampieri palace in Strada Maggiore 24, Bologna.

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Hercules and Antaeus

If we look at Hercules’s mighty effort and at his sure gaze we can perceive the weakness of his contender and the greatness of the painter who simultaneously conveys Antaeus’s anxiety and confusion.
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